The NINJAL Salon provides an opportunity primarily for researchers working at the Institute (including project collaborators) to introduce their work to colleagues and exchange information. Attendance from outside is also welcomed. (Free of charge)

  • Schedule: 15:30-16:30 every Tuesday in principle
    (Including presentations, and questions and answers)
  • Venue: Multipurpose room of the National Institute for Japanese Language and Linguistics

  • 222ndApril 13, 2021Venue: Online
    • IGARASHI Yosuke (Language Variation Division), HIROKAWA Junko
      "Corpus of Japanese Telephone Conversation at Hiroshima University: Design and Status Quo"
  • 223rdApril 20, 2021Venue: Online
    • NAKAGAWA Natsuko (Language Variation Division), KAJIKU Shinichi (Okinawa Prefectural University of Arts), MIYARA Shinsho (University of The Ryukyus)
      "Construction and Publication of Databases of Endangered Languages"
  • 224thApril 27, 2021Venue: Online
    • TANAKA Yayoi (Spoken Language Division), KOISO Hanae (Spoken Language Division), OTAKE Mihoko (RIKEN)
      "Analysis of Conversation Supported by Coimagination Method from the Viewpoint of De-Contextualization"
  • 225thMay 11, 2021Venue: Online
    • YOKOYAMA Shoichi (Language Change Division)
      "Historical Documents Cited by Japanese Language Researchers in 2450"
  • 226thMay 18, 2021Venue: Online
    • WATANABE Michiko (Center for Corpus Development)
      "Do Speakers Use Fillers More Frequently When Silent Pauses Become Longer at Clause Boundaries?: A Comparison Between English and Japanese Using Parallel Corpus of Presentation Speeches"
  • 227thJune 1, 2021Venue: Online
    • YOKOYAMA Shoichi (Language Change Division)
      "A Psychologist Made an Example to Explain Distributional Semantics in 10 Minutes: Failed Work?"
  • 228thOctober 19, 2021Venue: Online
    • OMURA Mai (Center for Corpus Development), WAKASA Aya (Center for Corpus Development)
      "Word Delimitation Issues in UD Japanese"
  • 229thOctober 26, 2021Venue: Online
    • OGISO Toshinobu (Language Change Division)
      "Toward Morphological Analysis of Transcribed Texts in Japanese Dialects"
  • 230thNovember 2, 2021Venue: Online
    • KOMIYA Kanako (Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology)
      "Diachronic Adaptation of Japanese Word Sense Disambiguation Using Word Embeddings"
  • 231stNovember 30, 2021Venue: Online
    • ASAHARA Masayuki (Center for Corpus Development)
      "Analysis of Essays on the ‘Past’ and ‘Future’ - Contrastive Analysis with the ‘Fundamental Vocabulary Used for Educational Purpose: Revised and Expanded Edition’"
  • 232ndDecember 7, 2021Venue: Online
    • CELIK Kenan Thibault (Language Variation Division), ASO Reiko (Meio University), NAKAZAWA Kohei (The University of Tokyo)
      "Possibilities in Meta-Research on Japonic Descriptive Linguistics: Evaluation of 40 Years of Lexical Research on Southern Ryukyuan and Its Consequences for Future Methodology"
  • 233rdJanuary 25, 2022Venue: Online
    • KOMATSUBARA Tetsuta (Kobe University)
      "Digitization of “Bound Form (‘Zyosi’ and ‘Zyodosi’) in Modern Japanese: Uses and Examples” and an Example of Its Application"
  • 234thFebruary 22, 2022Venue: Online
    • USUDA Yasuyuki (Spoken Language Division)
      "Structurization of Telling with Quotation Markers in Corpus of Everyday Japanese Conversation"
  • 235thMarch 1, 2022Venue: Online
    • KONDO Asuko (Language Change Division), TAKAHASHI Yuta (Language Change Division), MABUCHI Yoko (Wayo Women's University), OGISO Toshinobu (Language Change Division)
      "Construction and Publication of the Showa-Heisei Corpus of Written Japanese"
  • 236thMarch 22, 2022Venue: Online
    • WU Rija (JSL Research Division)
      "The Awareness and Dilemma of Parents in Mongolian Language Education as A Heritage Language -Through A Questionaire Survey of (towards) Inner Mongolian Parents Living in Japan-"