NINJAL Salons (2019)

  • 204thMarch 31, 2020Postponement
    • USUDA Yasuyuki (Spoken Language Division)
      "Alluding Assessment with Direct Reported Speech: An Analysis on Quotation Marker "Mitai-na" in Japanese Conversation"
  • 203rdMarch 24, 2020Venue: Online
    • WANG Huijun (JSE Research Division)
      "Generating Mechanism of Semantic and Pragmatic Functions of (S)aseru: An Analysis Based on the Data Collected from Scripts for TV Dramas"
  • 202ndMarch 3, 2020
    • OSHIMA Hajime (Language Variation Division)
      "Plurality of "RA" in Ibaraki Dialect"
  • 201stFebruary 18, 2020
    • Miho ZLAZLI (University of London)
      "Master-Apprentice Initiative in Ryukyu Islands"
  • 200thFebruary 4, 2020
    • Tamara RATHCKE (University of Kent)
      "Does Language Hit the Beat?"
  • 199thJanuary 28, 2020
    • ASAHARA Masayuki (Center for Corpus Development)
      "NWJC-BERT and BERTed BCCWJ: Distributional Semantic Analysis Based on Contextualized Word Embeddings"
  • 198thJanuary 21, 2020
    • YAMAMOTO Kyosuke (JSPS Fellow (PD) )
      "Description of the Aiku Phonemic System"
  • 197thJanuary 14, 2020
    • NAKAGAWA Natsuko (Language Variation Division)
      "Phonology of Noheji Dialect, Nambu, Aomori"
  • 196thDecember 24, 2019
    • YOKOYAMA Akiko (JSPS Fellow (PD) )
      "Language Maintenance and Revitalization in Wales and Isle of Man: Report of NIHU Overseas Dispatch Program for Young Researchers"
  • 195thDecember 17, 2019
    • Daniel PLESNIAK (University of Southern California)
      "From Chaos to Order: What Correlations of Judgements Tell Us About “Weak Crossover” in English"
  • 194thDecember 3, 2019
    • WU Ning Chen (Language Change Division)
      "Honorific Forms of Compound Verbs in Late Middle Japanese"
  • 193rdNovember 19, 2019
    • Thomas SCHÖKLER (Special Joint Research Fellows Currently Admitted)
      "New Perspectives on Complex Predicate Constructions in Japanese: Prosody, Structure, Variation"
  • 192ndOctober 29, 2019
    • YANAGIHARA Etsuko (Language Change Division)
      "Reexamination of Muted Character on the Kunten Materials in Early Heian Preiod: For an Attempt to Study the Language of Kunten Materials Based on Corpuses and Digitized Texts"
  • 191stOctober 8, 2019
    • AOI Hayato (Language Variation Division)
      "Slide Design for an Academic Presentation: In the Case of (Descriptive) linguistics"
  • 190thJuly 30, 2019
    • ASAHARA Masayuki (Center for Corpus Development)
      "Language Resources Based on the 'Word List by Semantic Principles'"
  • 189thJuly 23, 2019
    • ASAHARA Masayuki (Center for Corpus Development)
      "Statistical Analysis on Reading Time and Linguistic Annotation"
  • 188thJuly 16, 2019
    • Zhaoyang CHEN (Hubei University of Education)
      "Disagreement Strategies in the Discussion Between Friends: Based on the Conversation Data in BTSJ Japanese Natural Conversation Corpus"
  • 187thJune 18, 2019
    • KUBOTA Yusuke (Theory & Typology Division)
      "Categorial Grammar, Linguistics (and Generative Grammar) "
  • 186thJune 11, 2019
    • HAYASHI Yuka (JSPS Fellow)
      "Kakarimusubi-related Phenomena in Ryukyuan Dialects"
  • 185thJune 4, 2019
    • CARLINO Salvatore (Language Variation Division)
      "Verbs and Adjectives in Iheya Okinawan"
  • 184thMay 28, 2019
    • SANO Ayako (JSL Research Division), IWASAKI Takuya (Theory & Typology Division), ASAI Tatsuya (Fujitsu Laboratories Ltd.)
      "A Study on Expression Analysis in Crowd Sourcing: Utilization of Wide Learning"
  • 183rdMay 21, 2019
    • MAEKAWA Kikuo (Spoken Language Division)
      "Analysis of Utterance-Final Moraic Nasal by Means of the Real-Time MRI Movie Speech Database"
  • 182ndMay 14, 2019
    • DANG Thai Quynh Chi (JSL Research Division)
      "Is the Point of View of Intermediate Japanese Learners Different Because of Their Native Languages?: From the Analyses of Storytelling from I-JAS"
  • 181stMay 7, 2019
    • NAKAGAWA Natsuko (Language Variation Division), CELIK Kenan Thibault (Language Variation Division)
      "Shiraho, Southern Ryukyuan, Has Three, Not Two Tones"