NINJAL Salons (2020)

  • 221stFebruary 9, 2021Venue: Online
    • ASAHI Yoshiyuki (Language Variation Division)
      "Current Trends and Issues in the Multilingual Information Service by the Local Government"
  • 220thFebruary 2, 2021Venue: Online
    • ASAHARA Masayuki (Center for Corpus Development)
      "Large-scale Reading Time Data Collection by Crowdsourcing"
  • 219thJanuary 26, 2021Venue: Online16:00-17:00
    • NOYAMA Hiroshi (JSE Research Division)
      "Consideration and the Prospects about the Definition of the Literacy: For an Interdisciplinary Study for the Development of the Japanese Literacy Survey"
  • 218thJanuary 19, 2021Venue: Online
    • YOKOYAMA Shoichi (Language Change Division)
      "The Effect of Year of Birth on the Illiteracy Rate in the 1948 Survey of Japanese Literacy"
  • 217thJanuary 12, 2021Venue: Online
    • CELIK Kenan Thibault (Language Variation Division)
      "The Lexical Prosodic System of Ryukyuan Miyako Tarama Dialect Has Four, Not Three Distinctive Tonal Categories"
  • 216thNovember 10, 2020Venue: Online
    • NAKAZAWA Kohei, CELIK Kenan Thibault, ASO Reiko (Language Variation Division)
      "Sino-Japanese Loanwords and the Relative Chronology of Sound Changes in Southern Ryukyuan"
  • 215thOctober 27, 2020Venue: Online
    • MIYAGAWA So (Kansai University)
      "Building Digital Archives of Written and Spoken Language Resources"
  • 214thSeptember 29, 2020Venue: Online
    • YOKOYAMA Shoichi (Language Change Division), MAEDA Tadahiko (The Institute of Statistical Mathematics), NOYAMA Hiroshi (JSL Research Division), FUKUNAGA Yuka (JSL Research Division), TAKADA Tomokazu (Language Change Division)
      "Contemporary Significance of the 1948 Survey on Japanese Literacy: The Starting Point of the Collaboration Between National Institute for Japanese Language and Linguistics and the Institute of Statistical Mathematics"
  • 213thJuly 28, 2020Venue: Online
    • MORIMOTO Maho (Theory & Typology Division)
      "Articulation of Geminated Liquids: Variability and Similarity"
  • 212thJuly 21, 2020Venue: Online
    • NAKAGAWA Natsuko (Language Variation Division), KAGOMIYA Takayuki (Language Variation Division), YAMADA Masahiro (Language Variation Division)
      "Metadata Organization for Field Data of Endangered Dialects and Languages"
  • 211thJuly 7, 2020Venue: Online
    • MAEKAWA Kikuo (Spoken Language Division)
      "Variation of Fo Rise in the Beginning of Japanese Accentual Phrase: Constraint as the Result of Interaction Between the Linguistic and Paralinguistic Factors"
  • 210thMay 26, 2020Venue: Online
    • USAMI Mayumi (JSL Research Division), ZHANG Weiwei (Waseda University)
      "An Analysis of Unnatural Use of Final Particles “Ne”, “Yo”, “Yone” by Learners of Japanese in Casual Conversations: By Using “BTSJ Japanese Natural Conversation Corpus with Transcripts and Recordings (2018)”"
  • 209thMay 19, 2020Venue: Online
    • AOI Hayato (Language Variation Division)
      "Presentation and Facilitation at an Online Seminar"
  • 208thMay 12, 2020Venue: Online
    • YANAGIHARA Etsuko (Language Change Division)
      "An Aspect of Kunten-Language in Heian Period See in "Golden-Light-Sutra" (Glossed in Early Heian Period): From a Diachronic and Synchronic Perspective"
  • 207thApril 28, 2020Venue: Online
    • CELIK Kenan Thibault (Language Variation Division)
      "Lexical Prosodic System of the Adjective in Southern Ryukyuan Tarama Nakasuji and Minna Dialects"
  • 206thApril 21, 2020Venue: Online
    • NAKAZAWA Kohei (Language Variation Division)
      "Phonological and Morphological Changes in Yonaguni Ryukyuan"
  • 205thApril 14, 2020Venue: Online
    • USUDA Yasuyuki (Spoken Language Division)
      "Alluding Assessment with Direct Reported Speech: An Analysis on Quotation Marker "Mitai-na" in Japanese Conversation"
  • 204thApril 7, 2020Venue: Online
    • MASUDA Kyoko (Georgia Institute of Technology)
      "Characterizing Difficult Aspect Items through a Usage-based Approach in Japanese-as-second-language"