NINJAL Salons (2010)

  • 43rdMarch 8, 2011
    • YARIMIZU Kanetaka (Department of Language Change and Variation)
      "Dialect Change and Language Standardization in Japanese: An Analysis of LAJ and GAJ"
  • 42ndMarch 1, 2011
    • SANO Motoki (Center for Corpus Development)
      "Classification of Evaluative Expressions and the Construction of the Appraisal Dictionary of Japanese (Attitude)"
  • 41stFebruary 22, 2011
    • MARUYAMA Takehiko (Department of Corpus Studies)
      "(Un)grammatical Structures in Spontaneous Speech"
  • 40thFebruary 8, 2011
    • SHIMOJI Kayoko (Department of Language Change and Variation)
      "On Topic Expressions in Tarama Dialect, South-Ryukyuan"
  • 39thFebruary 1, 2011
    • ONISHI Takuichiro (Department of Language Change and Variation)
      "Language Change and the Change of Distributions of Dialects"
  • 38thJanuary 25, 2011
    • KIM Eran (Department of Language Change and Variation)
      "Shift of the Loanwords to Basic Words in the Japanese Newspaper Vocabulary in the Second Half of the 20th Century"
  • 37thJanuary 11, 2011
    • KANZAKI Kyoko (Department of Linguistic Theory and Structure)
      "'Noun+no' Phrases That Behave Like Adjectives in Their Meanings"
  • 36thDecember 14, 2010
    • MITSUI Harumi (Department of Linguistic Theory and Structure)
      "Tracking the Diffusion of 'tehoshii', an Expression Originated in the Kansai Dialect"
  • 35thDecember 7, 2010
    • INOUE Masaru (Department of Crosslinguistic Studies)
      "Tense and Grammar"
  • 34thNovember 30, 2010
    • KASHINO Wakako (Department of Corpus Studies)
      "A Frequency and Context Analysis of Katakana Expressions for Non-loanwords and Archaisms Based on BCCWJ"
  • 33rdNovember 17,2010 (Wed)
    • William McClure (The City University of New York)
      "What We Can Learn Through Learning Japanese: Language and Culture"
  • 32ndNovember 9, 2010
    • YAMAIZUMI Minoru (Department of Crosslinguistic Studies)
      "Left-Dislocation Constructions and Particleless NPs in Japanese: From the Viewpoint of Information Structure"
  • 31stNovember 2, 2010
    • Prashant PARDESHI (Department of Crosslinguistic Studies)
      "Toward Unraveling the Correlation Between Volitionality and Transitivity: A Case Study of the Symbiosis of Theoretical and Experimental Research"
  • 30thOctober 26, 2010
    • Alan Hyun-Oak KIM (Southern Illinois University)
      "The Ephemeral Old Japanese Subject Honorific Marker <si> and the Aftereffects of Its Extinction in Grammaticalization"
  • 29thOctober 12, 2010
    • GIRIKO Mikio (Department of Linguistic Theory and Structure)
      "Deaccentuation in Loanword Compounds in Tokyo Japanese"
  • 28thOctober 5, 2010
    • KOBAYASHI Masayuki (Center for Corpus Development)
      "The Illustrative Particle 'demo' in Kyogen Daihon
  • 27thSeptember 28, 2010
    • UWANO Zendo (Department of Linguistic Theory and Structure)
      "On the Narada Dialect"
  • 26thSeptember 21, 2010
    • HIRAYAMA Manami (Department of Linguistic Theory and Structure)
      "Japanese Vowel Devoicing and Prosody: Maintenance of the Syllable and Mora Units"
  • 25thSeptember 15, 2010
    • MORI Shinsuke (Academic Center for Computing and Media Studies, Kyoto University), Graham NEUBIG (Kyoto University)
      "Natural Language Processing with Partially Annotated Corpora"
  • 24thSeptember 14, 2010
    • KYU Gakukin (National Taichung University of Science and Technology)
      "The Processing Problems of Japanese Kanji Words in Taiwanese Learners of Japanese: Based on the Results of Word Recognition Research"
  • 23rdSeptember 7, 2010
    • IMAMURA Yasunari (Department of Crosslinguistic Studies)
      "Relative Clause Constructions in Hindi and Japanese: Focusing on the So-called 'External Relationship'"
  • 22ndJuly 27, 2010
    • KOISO Hanae (Department of Linguistic Theory and Structure)
      "Consideration on the Incremental Prediction Model of Turn-Taking Based on the Quantitative Analysis of Japanese Conversations"
  • 21stJuly 20, 2010
    • NOYAMA Hiroshi (Center for JSL Research and Information), Hitomi OKETANI (Eastern Michigan University)
      "A Longitudinal Study on the Sift of Japanese Language Proficiency and Life Pattern of Permanent Residents in Japan - A case of Japanese-Brazilian Students in a City"
  • 20thJuly 6, 2010
    • USAMI Yo (Center for JSL Research and Information)
      "Differences Among JSL Teachers' Attitudes When Evaluating Letters of Apology Written by Japanese Learners: Classification of the Evaluation Process Based on a Qualitative Method"
  • 19thJuly 6, 2010
    • NIINO Naoya (Department of Language Change and Variation)
      "On the Misuses of Japanese Word Yakubusoku: Public Opinion Poll and Example-Examination"
  • 18thJune 29, 2010
    • MORI Atsushi (Department of Linguistic Theory and Structure)
      "How Do Native Japanese Speakers Evaluate Non-native Speakers' Essays?: Correlation Between Total and Partial Evaluation by Japanese-Language Teachers and Non-teachers"
  • 17thJune 22, 2010
    • TSUNODA Tasaku (Department of Crosslinguistic Studies)
      "Contributions from Japanese Linguistics to General Linguistics"
  • 16thJune 15, 2010
    • KUBOZONO Haruo (Department of Linguistic Theory and Structure)
      "Word Formation and Phonological Structure"
  • 15thJune 1, 2010
    • SANO Motoki (Center for Corpus Development), TANAKA Makiro (Department of Corpus Studies)
      "Classifying the Categories of Clinical Terminology: A Corpus Driven Approach Using the Word Frequency in the Balanced Corpus of Contemporary Written Japanese"
  • 14thMay 25, 2010
    • YARIMIZU Kanetaka (Department of Language Change and Variation)
      "Creation of the Database for the Research on Dialectological Distributions of Japanese"
  • 13thMay 18, 2010
    • KIBE Nobuko (Department of Language Change and Variation)
      "On the Language of Gonza's Textbooks: Eighteenth-Century Satsuma Dialect"
  • 12thMay 11, 2010
    • ABE Takahito (Center for Research Resources)
      "A Reassessment of 'Politeness Level Assignment'"
  • 11thApril 20, 2010
    • YAMAGUCHI Masaya (Department of Corpus Studies)
      "Development of a Writing Aid System Based on the Mutual Teaching Model and Its Implementation in Classrooms"
  • 10thApril 13, 2010
    • Timothy J. VANCE (Department of Linguistic Theory and Structure)
      "Benjamin S. Lyman and Sequential Voicing - The Discovery of a Law"
  • 9thApril 6, 2010
    • YOKOYAMA Shoichi (Department of Linguistic Theory and Structure), ABE Takahito (Center for Research Resources)
      "Standardization of Dialect by the Life-Long Assimilation"