NINJAL Salons (2009)

  • 8thMarch 2, 2010
    • SHIMAMURA Naomi (Center for JSL Research and Information)
      "Modern Schools and Temple Schools - Focusing on the Teaching of Characters"
  • 7thFebruary 16, 2010
    • ASAHI Yoshiyuki (Department of Language Change and Variation)
      "Characteristics Observed in the Formation of Contact Dialects"
  • 6thFebruary 2, 2010
    • YAMAZAKI Makoto (Department of Corpus Studies)
      "Statistical Characteristics of Text Seen in the Distribution of Vocabulary"
  • 5thJanuary 19, 2010
    • TAKADA Tomokazu (Department of Linguistic Theory and Structure)
      "Bibliographic Information and Kunten Marks of the NINJAL Book 'Kongocho Issai Nyorai Shinjitsusetsu Dai Shodai Jjogensho Daiokyo Okyo'"
  • 4thDecember 22, 2009
    • MAEKAWA Kikuo (Department of Corpus Studies)
      "Final Lowering (Utterance-Final Lowering) in the Japanese Language"
  • 3rdDecember 8, 2009
    • INOUE Masaru (Department of Crosslinguistic Studies)
      "'Noun-Concluding Sentences' in Japanese, Korean, and Chinese"
  • 2ndNovember 24, 2009
    • ZHU Jingwei (Department of Linguistic Theory and Structure / Beijing Foreign Studies University)
      "Approaches to the Topic of Japanese-Chinese Vocabulary Exchanges"
  • 1stNovember 17, 2009
    • Prashant PARDESHI (Department of Crosslinguistic Studies)
      "Toward Symbiosis of Linguistic Theory and Japanese Language Pedagogy"