C-JAS Research Example

(1) Specifying the C-JAS material and information at the time of use

『The Report Regarding C-JAS (Corpus of Japanese as a second language) Construction』
Inter-University Research Institute Corporation
National Institute of Humanities
National Institute of Japanese Language
Japanese Language Educational Research and Information Center
Report PDF 【published in website】


≪When you use and publish the data, tasks, research material, etc.≫
When you present your research results, having used C-JAS, please be sure to indicate that you have used "C-JAS, and specify the information of the above literature.

(2) Word frequency table

◆C-JAS frequency table(version.2021.05)C-JAS_frequency_table_version2021.05 


C-JAS Related Material

◆Naoki NAKAMATA(2016)
『The Productivity and Learning Difficulty of Verbs:A Case of Verbs Related to “Eating” in Japanese』 VIII Congreso Internacional de Linguistica de Corpus (CILC2016)