This is a spoken corpus, based on a series of longitudinal studies consisting of data collected from 3 Chinese and 3 Korean learners of Japanese. The title of this corpus is "Spoken Corpus of Longitudinal Research on Chinese and Korean Learners of Japanese", and the abbreviated title is "C-JAS (Corpus of Japanese as a Second Language)". The data comprises 570,000 words and about 46.5 hours worth of speech (utterance). An online system can be used to search the data for examples by morpheme unit, character string, etc.


【重要】 C-JAS検索システム 5月廃止!
C-JAS は、機能拡張・セキュリティ維持のため 2021 年 5 月末に C-JAS 中納言に移行いたします。同時に、現在のC-JAS 検索システムは廃止いたします。 6 月以降、下記より利用申請を・・・