Approaches to Endangered Languages in Japan and Northeast Asia: Description, Documentation and Revitalization


Conference Program (Last updated: 2018.08.07)

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Prof. John Whitman's talk (Day 1: Aug.6) has been cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances. As an alternative program, Dr. Thomas Pellard (French National Centre for Scientific Research) has kindly accepted to give a keynote talk for the symposium. (2018-07-30)

5 AUG (Sun) Poster Session and Workshop

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Poster session 1
Workshop 1:
ŌHARA Yumiko (University of Hawai‘i at Hilo)
“A brief introduction to the immersion classroom: A case of Hawaiian language” [abstract]
Poster session 2
Workshop 2:
ŌHARA Yumiko (University of Hawai‘i at Hilo)
“A brief introduction to the immersion classroom: A case of Hawaiian language” [abstract]

Day1: 6 AUG (Mon) Ryūkyū, Hachijō and Japanese

Opening Remarks
Keynote Talk
Thomas PELLARD (French National Centre for Scientific Research) “The comparative study of the Japonic languages” [resume]
Session 1: Ryūkyū and Hachijō
Coordinator: KARIMATA Shigehisa (University of the Ryukyus / NINJAL), SHIMOJI Michinori (Kyushu University / NINJAL)
KARIMATA Shigehisa (U Ryukyus / NINJAL) “Kyushu dialects and the difference between Northern and Southern Ryukyuan languages” [abstract / resume]
KANEDA Akihiro & Martin HOLDA (Chiba U) “Hachijō and South Ryukyuan languages and East-Northeast Japan dialects from the viewpoint of the concentric circle theory of dialect divergence” [abstract / resume]
SHIMOJI Michinori (Kyushu U / NINJAL) “Ryukyuan languages from a typological perspective: with a special focus on marked nominative” [abstract / resume]
IGARASHI Yōsuke (Hitotsubashi U) “Towards an adequate description of the tonal systems of Southern Ryukyuan” [abstract / resume]
Session 2: Revitalization in Ryūkyū
Coordinator: YAMADA Masahiro (NINJAL)
YAMADA Masahiro (NINJAL) “Port Language Revitalization Project” [abstract / resume]
YAMAMOTO Fumi (Kyoto City U Arts) “Linguists, community members, and designers -Why do we collaborate for language revitalization?” [abstract / resume]
YOKOYAMA Akiko (JSPS/NINJAL) “Action research in endangered language communities” [abstract / resume]
MATSUMURA Yukie (from Okinoerabu) “A Role of Mother Tongue” [abstract / resume]
Session 3: Japanese dialects
Coordinator: SASAKI Kan (Ritsumeikan University / NINJAL), KIBE Nobuko (NINJAL)
SASAKI Kan (Ritsumeikan U / NINJAL) “Case in Japanese dialects” [abstract / resume]
TSUDA Satoshi (Miyagi U Education) “Aspect and tense in Japanese dialects” [abstract / resume]
KIBE Nobuko (NINJAL) “Accent systems in Japanese dialects” [abstract / resume]
Round Table
Chair: IWASAKI Shōichi (University of California, Los Angeles / NINJAL) [resume]
Reception Dinner

Day2: 7 AUG (Tues) Ainu and Northeast Asia

Keynote Talk
Juha JANHUNEN (University of Helsinki) “Ainu ethnogenesis” [abstract / resume]
Session 4: The dispersal of Ainu and its contact with neighboring languages
Coordinator: Anna BUGAEVA (Tokyo University of Science / NINJAL)
NAKAGAWA Hiroshi (Chiba U) “Major syntactic differences between Sakhalin and Hokkaido dialects of Ainu” [abstract / resume]
FUKAZAWA Mika (National Ainu Museum) “Hokkaido Ainu Dialects: Variation from the perspective of the geographical distribution of vocabulary” [abstract / resume]
SATO Tomomi (Hokkaido U) & Anna BUGAEVA (Tokyo U Science / NINJAL) “The study of old documents of Hokkaido and Kuril Ainu: Promise and challenges” [abstract / resume]
TANGIKU Itsuji (Hokkaido U) “Language contact between Ainu and Northern languages” [resume]
Keynote Talk
Ekaterina GRUZDEVA (University of Helsinki) “Linguistic diversity and language contact in Sakhalin Island” [abstract / resume ]
Session 5: Northeast Asia
Coordinator: KUREBITO Megumi (University of Toyama)
BAEK Sangyub (Muroran IT) “Ainu and Tungusic from the perspective of linguistic typology and areal linguistics” [abstract / resume]
KUREBITO Megumi (U Toyama) “Divergence in the distribution of applicatives and noun incorporation in Koryak and Ainu” [abstract / resume]
ONO Chikako (Chiba U) “Typological features of Itelmen and its neighboring languages” [abstract / resume]
Round Table
Chair: Anna BUGAEVA (Tokyo University of Science / NINJAL)

Day3: 8 AUG (Wed) Documentation and Revitalization (in general)

TAKUBO Yukinori (NINJAL), FUKUDA Shin’ichiro (University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa)
Keynote Talk
William O‘GRADY (University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa) “The Linguistics of Language Revitalization” [abstract / resume]
Keynote Talk
TAKUBO Yukinori (NINJAL) “Mutual intelligibility as a measure for linguistic distance and intergenerational transmission” [abstract / resume]
Keynote Talk
ŌHARA Yumiko (University of Hawai‘i at Hilo) “Revitalization and renormalization of Hawaiian language: Challenges and possible contributions to the revitalization of other languages” [abstract / resume]
Session 6: Documentation and Revitalization
Coordinator: NAKAYAMA Toshihide, SHIOHARA Asako (ILCAA, TUFS)
Yanti (Atma Jaya Catholic University of Indonesia) & SHIOHARA Asako (ILCAA, TUFS) “Efforts in Language Documentation in a Linguistically Diverse Country: Building up Collaborations of Various Stakeholders” [abstract / resume]
NAKAYAMA Toshihide (ILCAA, TUFS) “Problematizing language and revitalization: Why language documentation hits a wall in revitalization” [abstract / resume]
Keynote Talk
Mark TURIN & Victoria SEAR (University of British Columbia) “Critical Lexicography: Exploring the Role of Dictionaries in Language Revitalization” [abstract / resume]
Closing remarks