ICPP 2013 successfully finished!!

We had a wonderful conference thanks to the many people involved in it - speakers, chairs, discussants, poster presenters, volunteers and the enthusiastic audience.

Welcome to ICPP 2013

We are very pleased to announce the International Conference on Phonetics and Phonology 2013 (ICPP 2013), to be held at the National Institute for Japanese Language and Linguistics (NINJAL) on January 25-27, 2013. This three-day conference is supported principally by NINJAL as one in its series of international symposia.

ICPP 2013 features the following three main topics:

     (a) rendaku and voicing
     (b) sokuon, or geminate consonants
     (c) accent and tone

We welcome oral and poster presentations in these research areas, especially those that have a cross-linguistic and/or typological perspective. There will be a special session on tonal neutralization. Abstracts on this topic will be particularly welcome.

Haruo Kubozono & Tim Vance
For the Organizing Committee

29th NINJAL Colloquium

ICPP participants are cordially invited to attend a talk by Larry Hyman on the day before ICPP begins.The NINJAL Colloquium lecture series is free of charge and open to all.
For details, click here.

Place: NINJAL Multipurpose Room (2nd floor)

Date: January 24, 2013 (Thursday)

Time: 15:30-17:00

Speaker: Larry Hyman (UC Berkeley)

Title: "Why There Is No Canonical Pitch-accent System"

Guest Speakers at ICPP 2013

Takanori Hirano (Yamaguchi University) [abstract]

Yukari Hirata (Colgate University) [abstract]

Larry Hyman (UC Berkeley) [abstract]

Ray Iwata (Kanazawa University) [abstract]

Anders Löfqvist (Haskins Laboratories) [abstract]

Keren Rice (University of Toronto) [abstract]

*We regret to announce that the planned presentation by Junko Itô and Armin Mester has been cancelled.