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NINJAL-LWP for BCCWJ (NLB, is an online search tool for the BCCWJ, jointly developed by the National Institute of Japanese Language and Compilation of Japanese Basic Verb Usage Handbook … 51 Linguistics (NINJAL) and Lago Institute of Language (LIL).

Collection of errors of JFL learners (by Hideo Teramura)

Gaikokujin gakushuusha no nihongo goyoureishuu (Collection of errors of JFL learners) is a report compiled by Teramura Hideo and his team in the late 1990s, after they collected and classified misuse samples from compositions written by overseas students from 24 countries. The total of the misuse samples amounts to 6,300, with misuse labels attached to misuse positions. Other information includes learner’s nationality and composition type. The online version of this report, Teramura Wrong Usage Database provides a search function. The user can search misuse examples by combining conditions (a type of misuse, a learner’s nationality, a composition type, etc.)