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Information for Presenters

This PDF file contains the information given on this page (version: 2014.06.01).

General Information

The conference website is available at the following URL. Please check it for the updated program and other information.

The official language of the conference is English.

We are expecting a total of 200 participants at the conference.

For all presentations, at least one of the authors must pre-register (with payment) by May 31st.

A pre-conference colloquium is scheduled on the afternoon of July 24 with a reception following.

Also, the conference party and fireworks will be held at the conference venue on the evening of July 26, between 18:00 and 20:00. The fee for these events is included in the registration fee. We hope that you will take these opportunities to get to know other participants.

Because there are fireworks in the park near NINJAL on the 2nd day of the conference, we recommend making your hotel reservation as early as possible. For any inquiries, please contact us at [].

Specific Instructions for Speakers

Each talk is 20 minutes long including the time for questions and comments. Please aim to speak for up to 15 minutes and leave at least 5 minutes for questions and comments.

A projector and speakers will be available at the conference. If you are doing a PowerPoint presentation, it would be best if you use your own laptop, as there may be problems (with alignment, fonts, etc.) if you switch computers, but if you wish, we would be happy to lend you a laptop. If this is your preference, please let us know in advance whether you need PC/Windows or Mac.

If you have a handout for your talk, please make 200 copies and bring them to the registration desk at the beginning of the morning session of your presentation day.

Specific Instructions for Poster Presenters

Your poster should be in English and maximally A0 size, i.e., 118.9 cm (wide) by 84.1 cm (high).

You will have a poster board this size to display your poster (more about this below). Posters can be affixed to the board with pins. We will prepare sufficient pins for each poster.

Please try to use a large font size in your poster, so that the audience can easily understand your poster when they stand, say, 1 meter away from it.

The poster session will be held in the space on the second floor just outside the Lecture Hall where the oral presentations will be given, and also on the first floor. Poster presentations are divided into three groups, Poster session 1 (Day 1), Poster session 2 (Day 2) and Poster session 3 (Day 3), and numbered sequentially in each group (e.g., “P1-15”). Please check your poster number in the program in advance. Please affix your poster to the board by noon on the day of the presentation. Please make sure to use the board marked with your poster number.

You can keep your poster on the board until the end of the final session of the day.

Please feel free to distribute subsidiary materials such as handouts, photocopies of your poster, and copies of your paper. You can also use your laptop computer if you find it helpful.