Bunrui Goihyo (Word List by Semantic Principles, Revised and Enlarged Edition)


“It is a collection of words classified and arranged by their meanings”. The Bunrui Goihyo (first published in 1964; out of print) has been widely used as one of the major thesauri of contemporary Japanese. We have recently published a new expanded version of the Bunrui Goihyo. In addition, we have built a database based on the Bunrui Goihyo for use in research and development of Japanese research.

This database version was built by incorporating the contents of the Bunrui Goihyo book edition (revised and enlarged edition). It is made in CSV file format to enable uploading into data organization softwares. The total number of records is 101,070.

Each record contains the following fields:
record ID number / lemma number / type of record / class / division / section / article / article number / paragraph number / small paragraph number / word number / lemma with explanatory note/ lemma without explanatory note/ reading / reverse reading