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Poster session program [Saturday, October 13]


1. Glottal opening pattern during Japanese geminate consonants (sokuon) [abstract]
  Masako Fujimoto (NINJAL)
  Kiyoshi Honda (Université de Paris 3, France)
  Shinji Maeda (Telecom Paris Tech, France)

2. Tone or direction? Time dependency and phonetic representation of word level f0 shape
  in Northern Shikoku Japanese dialects [abstract]
  Kenji Yoshida (Waseda University)

3. Effects of dynamic F0 on the perception of Japanese vowel length
  by native listeners of Korean and Japanese [abstract]
  Hajime Takeyasu (Beppu University)
  Izumi Takiguchi (Sophia University / JSPS)
  Chizuko Matsuoka (Mie University)

4. Boundary Effects in Lexical Accent Variation and Vowel Devoicing in Japanese [abstract]
  Manami Hirayama (Ritsumeikan University)
  Mikio Giriko (NINJAL)

5. Vowel Epenthesis in English Bilateral and Trilateral Consonant Clusters [abstract]
  Glen Piskula (University of Arizona)

Formal syntax

6. ‘i/ka’ marks focus [abstract]
  Han-byul Chung (Graduate Center, CUNY)

7. On the nature of the connective particle "ni" in Japanese [abstract]
  Yuko Asada (Komazawa Women's University)

8. Japanese/Korean alternative questions are disjunctions of polar questions [abstract]
  Wataru Uegaki (MIT)

9. A-movement and Intervention Effects in Korean Tough Movement [abstract]
  Wonsuk Jung (University of Basque Country)
  Alejo Alcaraz (University of Basque Country)

Cognitive/functional syntax/semanticsormal Syntax

10. Corpus Study of Loanwords Collocation in Modern Japanese Case Study: Loan Color Terms [abstract]
  Anna Bordilovskaya (Kobe University)

11. A frame-semantic approach to Japanese [N+V] compound verbs [abstract]
  Yiting Chen (Kobe University)
  Haiyan Xia (Kobe University/JSPS)

12. A Function of Noun-Modifying Clauses in Japanese Existential Sentences [abstract]
  Miho Onishi (Nagoya University)

13. Frequency effects of case-markers on focushood [abstract]
  Yo Sato (University of Hertfordshire)
  Natsuko Nakagawa (Kyoto University / State University of New York at Buffalo)

14. Grammaticalization of Benefactive Constructions and Their Synchronic Variations [abstract]
  Jun Sawada (Aoyama Gakuin University)

15. The abstract noun plus ‘see’ construction in Japanese and Korean [abstract]
  Koyomi Takahashi (Nagoya University)
  Hyeryeon An (Nagoya University)
  Kaoru Horie (Nagoya University)


16. Online Japanese extra-linguistic signs and orthographic creativity [abstract]
  Barry Kavanagh (Tohoku University)

17. Interactional effects of self-respectful forms in Japanese [abstract]
  Makiko Takekuro (Waseda University)

18. First Person Pronoun Use in Everyday Talk by Japanese Gay Men [abstract]
  Barbara Carter (Osaka University)

19. Indexing epistemic primacy [abstract]
  Hideyuki Sugiura (Ibaraki University)

20. The Ironical usage of Japanese Discourse Marker “Goteinei-ni” [abstract]
  Yasuyuki Usuda (Kyoto University)

21. Bilingual children’s use of contact-induced Japanese with ‘South Asian’ features
  indexing their social context [abstract]
  Rika Yamashita (University of Tokyo)