Welcome to International Workshop on Corpus Linguistics and Endangered Dialects

In conjunction with the 22nd Japanese/Korean Linguistics Conference, international workshops on Japanese and Korean corpus linguistics and endangered dialects in Korea and Japan will be held on October 11, 2012, at the National Institute for Japanese Language and Linguistics (NINJAL) in Tachikawa, Tokyo, Japan. Invited speakers will make oral presentations; in addition abstracts are invited for a poster session.

Invited speakers

【Corpus linguistics】
- Lynne Flowerdew (Hong Kong University for Science and Technology) ABSTRACT
- Kikuo Maekawa (Dept. of Corpus Studies, NINJAL) ABSTRACT
- Prashant Pardeshi and Shiro Akasegawa
 (Dept. of Crosslinguistic Studies, NINJAL/Lago Institute of Language) ABSTRACT
- Mats Rooth (Cornell University) ABSTRACT

【Endangered dialects】
- Martin Holda and Akihiro Kaneda (Chiba University) ABSTRACT
- Seung-Chul Jung (Seoul National University) ABSTRACT
- Ross King (The University of British Columbia) ABSTRACT
- Akiko Matsumori ABSTRACT
 (Japan Women's University and Dept. of Language Change and Variation, NINJAL)

Important dates

- July 30, 2012: Abstract submission deadline
- August 10, 2012: Notification of acceptance
- September 30, 2012: Preregistration deadline

Organizing committee

- Haruo Kubozono (Dept. of Linguistic Theory and Structure, NINJAL)
- Prashant Pardeshi (Dept. of Crosslinguistic Studies, NINJAL)
- Timothy J. Vance (Dept. of Linguistic Theory and Structure, NINJAL)
- John Whitman (Dept. of Crosslinguistic Studies, NINJAL)

Funding bodies

- Dept. of Corpus Studies, NINJAL
- Dept. of Crosslinguistic Studies, NINJAL
- Dept. of Linguistic Theory and Structure, NINJAL