### Seminar in Linguistics This is an informal seminar in linguistics with Professor Robert Levine of Ohio State University, who is visiting Tsukuba from January to June on his sabbatical. #### Organizers Masaharu Shimada (shimada.masaharu.fu |AT| u.tsukuba.ac.jp) Yusuke Kubota (kubota.yusuke.fn |AT| u.tsukuba.ac.jp) #### Time and location Time: Thursday afternoon, 13:45-- Room: Jinsha-tou A101, University of Tsukuba (except if noted otherwise) #### Schedule 2/1: **Robert Levine** 'What are we missing? Formal grammar, functional factors and the analysis of ellipsis' [[abstract]](levine.html) 2/8: **Masatoshi Honda** 'Syntactic Realization of Emphatic Information Focus, with Special Reference to Negative Inversion in English' [[abstract]](honda.html) 2/15: **Yukio Hirose** 'Two Types of Comparison: Predication-Based vs. Domain-Based' [[abstract]](hirose.html) 2/22 (13:30-17:30): **Yusuke Kubota**, **Misato Ido**, **Ayaka Suzuki** - Yusuke Kubota: 'Treebanks and theoretical linguistics research' [[abstract]](IdoSuzuki.html) - Misato Ido: 'Distribution and licensing of adverbial NPIs beyond clause boundaries in Japanese' [[abstract]](IdoSuzuki.html#ido) - Ayaka Suzuki: 'Corpus-based investigations of the temporal interpretations of the* toki-*clause' [[abstract]](IdoSuzuki.html#suzuki) 3/1 (13:30-17:30, Room: **A520**): **Nobuyoshi Miyoshi**, **Koyo Akuzawa & Dandan Wang**, **Shohei Nagata** - Nobuyoshi Miyoshi: 'Distribution of non-restrictive adnominal clause in different text genres' [[abstract]](0301.html) - Koyo Akuzawa & Dandan Wang: 'Finite Control in Japanese and Chinese: Its syntactic and semantic properties' [[abstract]](0301.html#akuzawa) - Shohei Nagata: 'On Verum Focus in emphatic *do* and VP Ellipsis' [[abstract]](0301.html#nagata) 3/8: **No meeting** 3/15 (13:30-17:30): **Ryohei Naya**, **Masatoshi Honda** - CANCELLED: Ryohei Naya 'On the Two Factors Triggering Subhead Phenomena in English Compounds' [[abstract]](naya.pdf) - Masatoshi Honda 'Copy Raising and the Role of Predication in Evidential Marking' [[abstract]](honda.pdf) 3/21-22: [Workshop on Conceptual and Methodological Alternatives in Theoretical Linguistics](workshop.html) 4/5 (13:45-17:45): **Nivedita Kumari**, **Masaharu Shimada** - Nivedita Kumari 'Teaching the rules for the use of reported speech in English' [[abstract]](kumari.html) - Masaharu Shimada 'Depictive predicates with attributive structures' [[abstract]](shimada.pdf) 4/12 (13:45-17:45): **Takashi Ishida**, **Hiroko Wakamatsu** - Takashi Ishida 'Japanese Adjective Phrases Behaving Like Direct Modifiers: With Special Reference to A-N Synaesthetic Expressions' [[abstract]](ishida.pdf) - Hiroko Wakamatsu 'Insertional Mixing of English “Let’s” into Japanese' [[abstract]](wakamatsu.html) 4/19 (13:45-15:45, Room: **A520**): **Yuichi Ono** 'Behavioral similarities and differences in Head and Modifier relationship between borrowed English prepositions *in *and *with* in Japanese recipe names' [[abstract]](ono.html) 4/26 (13:45-17:45): **Misato Ido**, **Ayaka Suzuki** - Misato Ido 'The semantic difference between *dake* and *sika* focusing on their presupposition set' [[abstract]](0426.html) - Ayaka Suzuki 'The nominative object in Japanese and the genericity of object nouns' [[abstract]](0426.html#suzuki) 5/10 (**15:00-19:00**): **Takeshi Oguro**, **Nobuyoshi Miyoshi** - Takeshi Oguro 'Speech Act Phrase and Point of View' [[abstract]](oguro.pdf) - Nobuyoshi Miyoshi 'Two Types of Intentional Predicates from the Viewpoint of Relative Clause in Japanese' 5/17: **No meeting** 5/24 (13:45-17:45): **Yukio Hirose**, **Hiroaki Konno** - Yukio Hirose 1. 'Introduction: English and Japanese as seen from the three-tier model of language use' [[abstract]](http://www.ucl.ac.uk/english-usage/isle5/workshops/ws9.htm) 2. 'English as a public-self-centered language and Japanese as a private-self-centered language' <a href="http://www.ucl.ac.uk/english-usage/isle5/workshops/pdfs/ws9/2.Hirose(Paper).pdf">[abstract]</a> - Hiroaki Konno 'English and Japanese constructions without hearer-orientation' [[abstract]](http://www.ucl.ac.uk/english-usage/isle5/workshops/pdfs/ws9/3.Konno.pdf) 5/31 (13:45-17:45): **Naoaki Wada**, **Masaru Kanetani** - Masaru Kanetani 'Innovation because deviation: Cases of _because_ constructions' [[abstract]](http://www.ucl.ac.uk/english-usage/isle5/workshops/pdfs/ws9/4.Kanetani.pdf) - Naoaki Wada 'How to express (indirect) speech acts in English and Japanese: A perspective from the three-tier model of language use' [[abstract]](http://www.ucl.ac.uk/english-usage/isle5/workshops/pdfs/ws9/5.Wada.pdf) 6/7 (13:45-17:45): Monday Research Seminar Participants' Presentation Session: **Haruka Shimura**, **Satomi Takemoto**, **Masatoshi Honda**, **Kanato Ochiai** - Haruka Shimura 'The differences between the present perfect and the present perfect progressive' - Satomi Takemoto 'Analysis of unaccusative causatives' - Masatoshi Honda 'Negative Inversion as Information Focus Movement' - Kanato Ochiai 'On the usage tendency of conjunctions in LINE conversations' #### Acknowledgment We gratefully acknowledge the support of JSPS KAKENHI Grant number 15K16732 and the OSU Larger Grant Award for Arts and Humanities to host this seminar series.