Yusuke Kubota (窪田 悠介) ========================= <IMG SRC="portrait.jpg" align="right" width="169"> <IMG SRC="tls.png" align="right" width="200"> <ul class="breadcrumb"> <li><a href="cv.pdf"><strong>CV</strong></a></li> / <li><a href="papers/papers.html"><strong>Papers and presentations</strong></a></li> </ul> Associate Professor (准教授) <br> [National Institute for Japanese Language and Linguistics (国立国語研究所)](https://www.ninjal.ac.jp/) <br> [**Researchmap page**](https://researchmap.jp/yusukekubota/) [ことばの波止場 研究者紹介](https://kotobaken.jp/digest/10/d-10-06/) [Book review for *Type-Logical Syntax* by Chris Barker](https://www.cambridge.org/core/journals/journal-of-linguistics/article/yusuke-kubota-robert-d-levine-typelogical-syntax-cambridge-ma-mit-press-2020-pp-xxii-397/4A01865E6DBCBCA0B217C5D450D30022) **Email:** <IMG SRC="mail.png" align="center"> --------------------------------- #### Research interests: Syntax, semantics, syntax-semantics interface, categorial grammar, corpus linguistics, computational linguistics --------------------------------- #### Upcoming talks/events: - HPSG 2022 https://hpsg2022.github.io/ / Workshop on Computational Linguistics on East Asian Languages. 2022/7/29-31 <!-- - To move or not to move: Some consequences of a logical analysis of the English auxiliary system. [2021 ELSJ Spring Forum](http://elsj.jp/spring_forum/) (online). 2021/5/8. [**slides**](papers/elsj-sf.pdf) - (with Koyo Akuzawa) A semantic analysis of embedded tense in finite control in Japanese. Japanese and Korean Linguistics 27. 2019/10/18-20. Sogang University, Seoul. [**slides**](jk2019.pdf) - カテゴリ文法と言語学 (と生成文法). NINJALサロン. 2019/6/18. 国立国語研究所. [**スライド**](salon-slides.pdf) - カテゴリ文法・意味計算・文処理 (言語学会ワークショップ「計算心理言語学−概要と展望−」企画・司会: 折田 奈甫 2019/6/23 10:00-12:00 一橋大学) - (with Bob Levine) Modal auxiliaries and negation: a type-logical accoun. WoLLIC 2019. Utrecht University. 2019/7/5. - [KLS 44](https://www.kls-linguist.com/) シンポジウム [「高度文法情報付きコーパスとその日本語研究への応用」](https://www.ninjal.ac.jp/event/specialists/project-meeting/m-2019/20190714/) 2019/7/14 13:30-16:30 関西大学・千里山キャンパス --> --------------------------------- <!-- Recent work --> #### Recent work - 新著紹介: 三好伸芳『述語と名詞句の相互関係から見た日本語連体修飾構造』(ひつじ書房、2021年3月刊) 『実践国文学』102号掲載予定 [**PDF**](papers/miyoshi-book-review.pdf) - (2021, with Bob Levine) The logic of the English auxiliary system. LACL 2021. [**draft on LingBuzz**](https://ling.auf.net/lingbuzz/006040) - 「形式意味論研究における理論構築について」山泉実・窪田悠介 (編) 『言語学を科学哲学する』(仮) 所収予定 - [**ABC Treebank**](https://github.com/ABCTreebank/ABCTreebank) -- An open-source categorial grammar treebank for Japanese - (2021, with Bob Levine) NPI licensing and the logic of the syntax-semantics interface. *Linguistic Research* 38(2) 151-205. [**PDF**](http://isli.khu.ac.kr/journal/content/data/38_2/1.pdf) - (2021, with Misato Ido) The hidden side of exclusive focus particles: An analysis of *dake* and *sika* in Japanese. *Gengo Kenkyu* 160 183-213. [**PDF**](https://www.ls-japan.org/modules/documents/LSJpapers/journals/160_ido.pdf) - (2021, with Koyo Akuzawa) Against finite raising (and against defective tense): A semantic analysis of *-yooni naru* in Japanese. *Gengo Kenkyu* 160 246-261. [**PDF**](https://www.ls-japan.org/modules/documents/LSJpapers/journals/160_akuzawa.pdf) - (2021) HPSG and categorial grammar. In Stefan M&uuml;ller, Anne Abeill&eacute;, Robert D. Borsley and Jean-Pierre Koenig eds. *Head-Driven Phrase Structure Grammar: The Handbook*, Language Science Press. 1331-1394. [**PDF**](https://zenodo.org/record/5599876/files/259-M%C3%BCllerEtAl-2021-29.pdf?download=1) - (2020, with Bob Levine) *Type-Logical Syntax*. MIT Press. ([Open Access](https://direct.mit.edu/books/book/4931/Type-Logical-Syntax)) --------------------------------- #### Past Events - [NINJALチュートリアル カテゴリ文法入門](https://www.ninjal.ac.jp/event/specialists/tutorial/ninjal-t036/) [講義資料](https://researchmap.jp/yusukekubota/%E8%B3%87%E6%96%99%E5%85%AC%E9%96%8B) - [OSU-Tsukuba Joint Linguistics Workshop](FebWorkshop.html) - [Robert Levine教授連続講演会 (お茶大)](ocha-lectures.html) --------------------------------- <!-- Misc. --> <a id="misc"></a> #### Some useful things <!-- - [RDx: A lightweight markup language for LaTeX](latex/rdx.html) (Try this if you think LaTeX source files are too complicated to edit.) - [Further thoughts on RDx](latex/rdx.html) (Wouldn't it be good if you could write definition for abbreviation **directly** in the file that you edit?) - [Simplifying BibTeX notation](bibtex.html) - [Evil mode in emacs](evil.html) (not yet written) (The evil mode in emacs is lovely, and very powerful.) --> - [Markdown](http://daringfireball.net/projects/markdown/) - [Marp](https://marp.app/) -- a tool for writing presentation slides in markdown - [Strapdown.js](http://strapdownjs.com/) -- html template for markdown - Steven V. 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